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Regain Financial Control As a Widow

Facing the heartache of losing your significant other can leave you feeling financially overwhelmed. We understand the difficulties you face and are here to support you in your journey. Our empathetic advisors will provide you with confidence and clarity to move forward into this new chapter with financial stability and peace of mind.

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Empathetic Financial Guidance for Widows

Step 1
We Listen to You

Your story is unique. Your circumstances are atypical. Your needs are specific. Maybe you were previously involved in the financial matters of the household—maybe not. Either way, we listen first. We come alongside you to get the full scope of your situation so we can understand your most immediate and long term needs, goals, and priorities.

Step 2
We Help You Sort

We go through an in-depth discovery process, which includes helping you locate, gather, and organize information. Access to accounts, insurance policies, legal documents—whatever you need to find or understand, we want to help. Ultimately, our discovery process helps us gather the big picture of your needs and identify how we can best serve and support you.

Step 3
We Help You Prioritize

Although initially it may feel otherwise, not everything is pressing. Some things can wait. But you need to know where to start. So, we set a list of priorities for you, escalating what's important and letting other matters wait their turn. We'll walk you through and rework this prioritized list until you are completely comfortable with it.

Step 4
We Help You Implement a Plan

Starting with the top of your list of priorities, we'll start checking things off. Getting a handle on those first several items, more often than not, can help clients feel a lot different—more confident—about the rest of that list. We'll continue to work with you over time to implement a deeply personalized plan to get you onto a comfortable, confident path toward the future.

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Let's Move Forward Together

Reach out to us today and let's start a conversation about how we can support you through this transition. Your journey to financial stability and confidence begins here.

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