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Focused on You. Focused on Success

Our highly disciplined investment philosophies puts you at the center. Equipped with our extensive financial education and a fee-only structure, our aim at Strategic Investment Management is to address your wealth management needs with excellence. We’re here to serve.

We specialize in addressing your unique needs and delivering intensive individual attention by building long-term relationships based on trust and respect.

Our financial advice is designed to fit the context of our life. That’s why we value our relationships; to us, it’s a partnership that empowers you with a well-honed strategy that thrives for a lifetime.

Client Focus

Client Focus

Strategic Investment Management helps clients define their investment objectives and then design a customized portfolio strategy to achieve them. Our fiduciary approach to advising our clients ensures we are independent and objective in the advice we give.

With personalized attention and without conflict of interest, Strategic Investment Management specialize in delivering coordinated asset management services for individuals and families to help them achieve their financial goals. We deliver targeted advice to ambitious investors to foster healthy growth of small and mid-size portfolios. Our passion is to help develop investor portfolios with assets of $50,000 or more for bright futures. We combine rigorous on-going research and analysis with an in-depth understanding of both our clients' individual needs, and the behavior of the world's financial markets.  

Our approach is holistic; we focus on asset management and education, as well as the lifespan relationship we build with our clients. This approach is very unique in a financial industry that is often segmented and outsourced. We want to help you with these issues. But most of all, we want to help you manage your money so you can manage your life.



Many times our clients' planning efforts can benefit from the expertise of highly specialized professionals including Financial Planners, Estate Planners and Tax Attorneys, CPAs, and Pension Plan Administrators. Recognizing this, we have established relationships with many top professionals in these fields, and coordinate efforts with them on behalf of our clients (and never accept referral fees for doing so). That means when you work with us, you're working with a network of services - all available through one central source.

Our Goal:

  • Customer service with integrity
  • Safety and protection of the client's capital
  • Preservation of the client's purchasing power
  • Superior long-term rate of return
  • Provision of regular income if the client desires


Strategic Investment Management has an investment committee that uses time-tested systems of analysis and decades of experience in the markets. We will implement an active management style to select what we believe is the best and most appropriate investments for you.

Throughout the process, we are committed to the safety and protection of your capital. We seek to structure your investments to provide superior overall return potential within your tolerance to market risks and fluctuations. Our ultimate goal is an asset blend that will meet your financial needs, for the short-term and long-term.